Ground services of aircrafts

Ground services of aircrafts

Ground navigation and towing

After landing and clearing the runway the aircraft should be parked. Ground navigation means transportation of the aircraft along the taxiway to the parking lot. On the platform, the plane meets the follow me car escorting it to the parking lot. Airport staff, with the help of visual signals, show the pilot where to move. After stopping the aircraft, the pads are installed so that the aircraft does not move from the place. Then there is a post-flight inspection, according to the results of which it becomes clear whether the aircraft can be allowed to perform the next flight.

Towing is used when the aircraft cannot or must not move independently to reach a certain point and the aircraft must be moved by external force. A rigid hitch is attached to the nose landing gear and the aircraft is moved around the parking area.


After towing and fixing the aircraft with pads, in order to reduce fuel consumption and the load on the aircraft systems, it is provided with land power supply and fueled with petroleum products. Fueling of the aircraft with petroleum products is performed via centralized fueling systems, special vehicles (fuel fillers, microresistivity logs) and other refueling facilities. In addition, the aircraft is refueled with fresh water, oils and other technical liquids.

Ground services of aircrafts

Cabin preparation

In cold climates, heated air is supplied to the airplane, and in hot weather the air is cooled. Air is supplied to the aircraft air conditioning system (ACS) using a hose (thin-walled hose of large diameter). The cabin is cleaned to remove debris and dirt from it and prepare the airplane for the reception of passengers. If the flight was long, it is provided by draining the tanks of toilet systems and filling them with special liquid.

On-board meals delivery

Whether it is a short or long flight, depending on the customer's wishes and flight conditions, we will provide on-board food and drinks. We will arrange the supply of food from restaurants or the best catering suppliers at your discretion.

Unloading and loading of luggage

Loading and unloading of luggage is usually carried out by dedicated teams. They can use auxiliary equipment, small trucks for trolleys, conveyors, lifts and vehicles for container handling. We will arrange safe loading of your luggage on time and its delivery to your destination, without delay or damage.


Treatment of aircraft surfaces on the ground prior to flight is aimed to remove frozen sediments and prevent them from appearing on critical aircraft surfaces prior to takeoff. The appearance of frozen precipitation on surfaces is also called ground icing. De-icing treatment is required because of the significant influence of frozen precipitation on the aerodynamic properties of the aircraft surfaces.

Ground services of aircrafts

Release of the aircraft in flight

When all the above points are fulfilled without violations and the aircraft is ready to fly, the ground staff uses signals to forward the aircraft to the parking lot to start the engines and perform further taxiing for takeoff or performs towing. At this time, the visual and radio communication is established between the crew and the airport operator. According to the report from the crew, the AT Controller is convinced of the serviceability of the aircraft and permits the takeoff.


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