Charter flights

BEL is engaged in supporting charter flights. Adjust flights to your schedule with the flight cost depending on your wishes and route.

Charter flights by BEL LLC include…

Aircraft fleet

We organize flights on new Russian and foreign aircrafts for private flights and large companies up to 300 people.

Experienced crew

We will provide a highly qualified crew. Upon your request and flight conditions, the crew will speak the required foreign languages.

Personal flights

We’ll calculate your individual route throughout Russia, CIS countries and abroad. We arrange the points of departure, intermediate landings along the route and arrival at any airport of the world.

Urgent flights

At the shortest possible time, upon your request, we will offer several options for aircraft, build a route and get permits to park and service the aircraft at any airport in the world.

Flight support

Safe flight with personal comfort (equipment, special zones, food, service, Internet, cellular communication and other extra services at your desire).


Your flight will be accompanied by our supervisor: from the order to the end of the flight, so that your flight could be as comfortable as possible.

We organize a charter flight at any time of the day. Call + 7 (495) 334-93-74 or +7 (964) 575-97-96


24 hours
dispatch service:

Tel: +7 (495) 334-93-74

Mob: +7 (964) 575-97-96