On-board catering

BEL will order meals from the highest quality domestic and foreign products, vegetables and fruits, hot dishes, salads and side dishes, pastries and cakes upon your request from the shops of onboard food or the best restaurants of the world.

The range of on-board meals provided by our company varies from common economical meals and meals for the aircraft crew, to the premium class meals.

On-board meals of VIP menu are made exclusively upon your request just before the flight and delivered on board before you arrive. In addition to food, we are ready to serve wines, champagne, whiskey, various brands of cognacs and other alcoholic beverages of your choice.

Ground handling of aircraft at any airport in the world
Send a request for a price and get operational advice on the terms of cooperation. Or call the round-the-clock dispatch service: +7 (495) 334-93-74

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