Charter flights

A short time ago, charter flights became available to a wide range of passengers due to a great number of business jets in Russia. Due to the increasing number of business aviation airlines and a wide network of air brokers, ordering an aircraft and a helicopter became easier and faster.

From year to year, lease of private jets and helicopters is becoming an increasingly popular tool of business, and business aviation is ready to provide the necessary planes and helicopters. VIP charters gradually become a convenient and modern means of travel.

Upon your request, VIP charters can be used to get to almost any airport or landing site due to the fact that VIP aircraft and helicopters have better takeoff / landing characteristics compared to the aircraft fleet of regular airlines.

Compared to regular airlines, VIP aircraft and helicopter rental delivers a number of advantages:

Ground handling of aircraft at any airport in the world
Send a request for a price and get operational advice on the terms of cooperation. Or call the round-the-clock dispatch service: +7 (495) 334-93-74

24 hours
dispatch service:

Tel: +7 (495) 334-93-74

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